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From the initial days of offering tailor made Software Application Development services, Raise Solutions has evolved into an organisation with capabilities of offering IT Consultancy as a service. We are sharing our Business & Domain knowledge and experience with our customers in order to help them make better and beneficial use of their IT investments. We are now involved with them since the conception of a business need/idea through its effective implementation.
  • Designing & Marketing »

    A picture indeed speaks a thousand words ! Impressions are important for a business as they last longer in the memory of their perspective customers and makes it easier for them to communicate and share.

    With an ever increasing penetration; exposure & dependency of digital world, each business now, must address to their branding and marketing outlook around technology and that too with an increased priority.

    enticing digital experience hands-on expertise in crafting out a great interface by exploiting web; social and mobile platforms.

    Uncluttering is the key. While doing so, we work on :
    websites - responsive & fast using HTML; JavaScript; JQuery; CSS and a lot of ingenuity
    communique - impressive & precise templates for business E-Mails; Landing Pages; Posts; Flyers & Notifications for Social Platforms.
    get found - patience is running thin and hence, we must assure to use SEO effectively and allow perspective customers of a business to zero-in real fast !

    marketing & analytics while a website elaborates an organization's business effectively, it is equally important for the organization to market their business using modern day digital advertisement tools and then further to be able to analyze the behaviour of their customers while they navigate through the website. We can pitch-in there and how?

    Google Analytics

  • Integrations »

    Get Along ! Good Businesses embrace their peers. Over the years, many businesses tried to develop their ideas into businesses and some also extended a part of their assets to be re-used by other businesses. With the advent of *-As-A-Service this mindset and model of sharing has further evolved and in some cases has become inevitable.

    external system integrations

    has thrown up a need for service providers like us to understand the interoperability & standardisation aspects of various integration possibilities and also to be able to suggest our clients about the best ways of getting along with external systems.

    Payment Gateways
    CRM - Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    Flight Operations
    Workflows - Microsoft Teams
    Auth - oAuth

    Extraction of semantically similar, by schematically different information, from a vivid set of sources for performing pivotal analytics needs a separate mention here. We have integrated -

    Google Analytics API webTrends - both ODBC and RESTFul interfaces eXactTarget

    metrics for extracting & further transforming the information to offer an aggregated analytics.

    Internal Integrations

    Beyond external integrations, with the paradigm shift in deployment patterns using microservices; dockers; kubernets; webservices, and also for the need to augment legacy systems with modern techhnology, integrations has now become more of a design consideration even for in-house Software Development



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